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FanExpo Canada

My Post on FanExpo Canada!

First official post of my blog. two posts in one day? uncalled for. so I thought for this one I would talk about where I am  going in three months, Toronto Canada! i’m sure most of you have heard of comic conventions, Anime Conventions, Supernatural Conventions, etc. they are incredible things you can go to. especially when you can get over ridiculous crowds and expensive food. but with the bad comes the good. you get to meet like minded individuals who share the same likes you do, you have a chance to meet the artists and writers who had a hand in creating those comic book movies and TV shows that are so popular nowadays. or, like me you can embarrass yourself in front of one of your favorite pin-up artists while he looks at you like you’re a crazy person. that’s a story for another day/. I’ve been to my fair share of a few, still not something I am completely used to if i’m honest. but every time I have been it has been an experience.

i’m traveling there on the 31st of August. first time in Canada, second time on an airplane. Oh yeah guys I have lived, can you tell? this particular convention has different buildings for different fandoms. you have a comic section, you have a movie section, you have a video game section. the list goes on. i hope it lives up to the hype, they even have a few stars i’m dying to to meet. Like Alex Kingston, John Barrowman, even Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are having a podcast. Which I have tickets to btw. so with Fan expo i’ve decided to blog about my travels! also vlogging them for YouTube as well. so keep an eye out for that. so I know what you guys are wondering… how do you get ready for FanExpo? its simple really, you sell your soul for an expensive hotel room and plan everything out down to how you get from one place to the other. did i mention i started planning this five months in advance? i’m plotting out every single detail. and you guys get to come along for the ride. so let’s talk cosplay.

Vanessa Carlysle from Deadpool: i’m sure this movie has been seen by all but I thought i’d throw a little history at you. actual Canon comic book history, not the movie interpretation. Vanessa Carlysle is one of Wade Wilson’s great loves. he’s practically immortal guys, he gets around, including with death. little does he know that when Wade falls off the face of the planet, Vanessa becomes a mercenary. already being  a blue skinned, white haired beauty who can copy another persons looks down to the cellular level. that definitely wasn’t in the movie. I wanted to do the Copycat comic version. but that would involve painting my skin. which I wouldent mind except i’d be dragging my boyfriend into it. and even he doesent have that much patience. he’s going to be Deadpool, If he can get off his butt and get his costume already. so we get to go to Fan expo and I get to wear little to nothing. joy to the world. Talk to you guys soon!

Vanessa Carlysle.




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