JazzieGee Updates!

LONG POST AHEAD! Tread lightly.

Hellooooo out there! miss me? Welcome back to my website where I say I am gonna upload blogs and never do. life has been a little difficult for me recently, dealing with family stuff, working two jobs to save up for Canada and beginning the process of moving out of my house. unfortunately, I haven’t been coping with it very well lately. I’m bouncing between jobs with not very consistent hours and not making very much for the hours I do get. it’s difficult,¬† so during my free time I like to relax or sleep. but napping all day means that i’m not doing the things I want to, such as: upload, write, blog. i’ve barely even played video games lately. If i were to look into my future a few months ago, I couldn’t have even imagined what the universe had in store for me. and I definitely would not be happy with the girl looking back at me. So right here on this wonderful blog which I get to do at least one the things I love; besides talking about myself of course. I promise to change that.

So how did this start? I’m preparing¬† to move to a new place, looking for books to bring with me when it’s time to disconnect from the world for a bit. the computer is nice, but i’m a wee bit of a bookworm. So, I found my old book “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” written by Sean Covey, which I started reading when I was going through a self help phase. Oh the books I read! Then I thought it would be fun to look through this and see if at 21, I have those things worked out. reading through the first chapter, I realized I don’t. it made me sad. here I am starting this new life at a new place and as much as i think I have all this wisdom, there comes a rude awakening. being human means that we are always evolving. but I thought mentally that i’d be at a different place at this point. so here’s step one of my plan. read through this amazing book and try and change perspective a little bit. i’ll write a more detailed list someday. probably today honestly, I’m feeling creative.

As for Canada, updates on that are basically this, traveling to Canada is not very cheap. so the Cosplay I wanted to do is just not the most realistic for the amount of money I need to save. also, there are things I need to buy still. So yay me! my cosplay has changed to a casual Mistress Death Cosplay. I have most of the stuff for it already. but here it is


As much as i’d like to be as accurate as possible, i’m absolutely shit at makeup. and I found a pretty cool way to make this casual. post on Casual Cosplay someday soon. shameless plugging, i’m great at it.¬† history time. i’m only going to do the Deadpool Canon, her history is way too vast for a blog post that has already gone on much too long. Mistress Death has been pretty common in Marvel. She was the first to visit Wade Wilson before he became the Merc with a mouth that we all know and love. their relationship has been tumultuous to say the least for Deadpool’s entire comic book career. the stories have changed obviously, we all know that Marvel and DC has never stayed consistent with their stories. But that’s a complaint for another day. Long story short Wade only meets her when he’s close to death. so he keeps trying to kill himself to get to her. Which is difficult to do when Thanos in a bout of jealousy makes you immortal. so shenanigans ensue and it’s a Romeo and Juliet relationship. except neither one can die, so that may be a poor example.

Finally, Youtube. I hope to start uploading consistently again next week. trust me, i’m not uploading from a lack of ideas, I have loads. Just been too tired and lazy to put them into fruition. prepare for that to change.

if you’ve stayed this long you deserve a cookie. thanks for reading me rambling. talk to you loves soon!


Jazzie Gee




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