FanExpo 2016! Day 1

Hello lovelies! Jazzie here and i am posting this at 12:00 at night. But its still 10ish while im writing this for all you California folk so technically I stayed with my blogging every day rule. Day 1 was pretty amazing for my first Con in three years. I would have gone to a con earlier but SOMEONE has prevented me from doing so because he’s a stupid jerkface, Moving right along. I didnt blog as much as i would have liked, but as we speak I am editing it for your viewing pleasure. To start off we met this very nice streetcar driver who gave us all the ins and outs of Canada. Kensington Gardens is on my list of places to visit. He was the nicest driver we have met so far. Talked to us for a good 20 minutes while he took us to College st. Heres a shoutout for you amazing people! It has to be hard to stay sweet when annoying people bother you all day, trust me I get it.

Overall it was pretty eventful, got in two hours early, met Alex Kingston, saw John Barrowman and bought a Sylveon plushie.


Tattoo time!

Today you guys get mostly pictures, we didn’t do a lot. But i will vlog more tommorow. Until next time.

My goal is to get a picture with all of the incarnations of the doctor. Hopefully I do it!

Random thought. Thinking of dying my hair this color. Thoughts?

Hi Mom! šŸ˜‰



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