Coming to America.

Hello guys and dolls! It is Monday as i write this and Kieron and I are on the way home. This trip has gone by way too fast and I am regretting bringing as much as I did. My back is killing me! So today we have a 4 hour bus and then a 5 hour plane ride. Not getting home until 10. It was a pretty awesome trip though, besides some little bumps in the road. Kieron has been pretty amazing. Tips for those couples out there. Go on a trip together, you learn so many new things about the other person. Some bad, some good, Mostly good though.

I have also gained like 10 pounds from all of the horrible food we have eaten. Worth it though, Poutine is fantastic. we just have to eat better and go to the gym more when we come back. Next mission; (Besides the coffee maker). Is to turn my health around. It is so easy to get into an unhealthy way of living when you are dealing with your own internal issues. I don’t want to do that anymore, especially if im gonna start cosplaying again. Spandex is not very forgiving. I’ve forgotten about myself a little bit recently. Stress is a horrible thing. But no excuse to forget about yourself! So as soon as we get to the states it is back to work in a big way.

The thing I can do today Is try to edit and upload a video tonight, but my best bet would probably be tommorow. So if you guys have been waiting for it i’m sorry. My video schedule is gonna be out of order for a few days.



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