My Strength is not a Weakness

Hello there Muggles and No-Mages. (I’m on a Harry Potter kick, don’t judge me.)

Contrary to my greeting, this blog post will have nothing to do with Harry potter or Fantastic Beasts or how Queenie is literally me. But that will be another time because seriously, have you seen that movie? SO GOOD!

Let’s get to the post now. I’m just going to dig myself into a weird hole the more I talk. Surprisingly my idea for this post came from something this jerk said about me. Weird how something a bad person says can make the wheels start turning in your little head. Well in my case, big head.  There were a few things that led to the comment being made, basically there was an argument happening and everybody decided they wanted to scream and curse at each other. Trust me I’m not below cursing at everybody in the immediate vicinity, but with this situation I tried to stay level- headed and calm while everybody decided to scream like idiots. So short story shorter I was labeled a weakling because of it. I let it affect me immediately at first. Should I have screamed at them? Should I have said something instead of sitting on the sidelines? Would that have changed their opinions of me? Maybe it would have, but I wouldn’t change how I reacted in that situation. It’s what felt right to me. But calling somebody weak because that’s not how you do things? Not how you feel I should do things? Fuck you, and that horse you ran in on. To say being more quiet and reserved is a flaw or makes you a weaker individual is terrible. You don’t know my life, or what I’ve been through. I have probably been through more stuff than you can possibly imagine or cope with. But to be a proper human being you apparently have to be loud and brash in your arguments and loud and brash in your everyday life. Whoever gets louder wins right? I’m not writing this to say that being that way is weaker, but that doesn’t make you stronger than me? Or that guy, being strong makes you strong. Going through hardships and coming out the other side makes you strong. Instead of going around making judgments about one another. We should try to get to know a person. If you don’t want to go out of your way to do that then fine, but that doesn’t make it okay to judge somebody based on some idea you have on some person without truly getting to know them, I think we can all bring that lesson into our everyday life. I know I’m trash at that, but I try my hardest not to.

Yes, this is a random thought by Jazzie. I get those sometimes. But with my current situation I’ve just been putting some things in perspective, it’s not too late in the Month to start your New Year’s Resolutions. It’s never too late to become a better you. Speaking of that, I should probably post about my New Year’s Resolutions shouldn’t I?

Too late to write that down you say? Probably, thanks for reading!

Jazzie Gee



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