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Long Post Ahead, tread with caution. Oooo, get some Tea as well.

Hello Lovelies! Jazzie here, about how long this time? Three months?  I seem to be completely trash at this whole Social Media, becoming a brand thing. i’ve been working constantly and battling my own inner demons. but I have come up for air recently and stolen an idea from my boyfriend, I will get more in depth with that in a moment. For now I wanted to get into a rant of some sort, a continuation with the last post I made. Check it out if you haven’t already. it’s called “My Strength is not my weakness.” the quote I heard was by Allison Sudol. (Queenie from Fantastic Beasts or A Fine Frenzy for all you music lovers out there.)

That’s her! As Queenie.

Since I watched that movie, I felt this really deep connection to that character. she was nurtering and sweet, a little more soft spoken.She didn’t scream to be heard or start a fight just to start a fight. she was feminine, but had a quiet strength that was not traditional. She was born able to read minds, which made her a little spacey because it can be pretty overwhelming at times, which in a way I really identify with.No you guys I don’t read minds, I just tend to in recent times get very overwhelmed with large crowds of people. I get full on anxiety from it now actually. which is not something that has always happened with me, But there is so much more than that… If you guys have ventured out and seen that movie then you would probably agree with me when I say she didn’t get as much character development as she probably should have. So the knowledge I have of her comes from the mouth of Queenie herself. now I can’t give you the quote verbatim, but I can give you the cliffnotes version. She basically said that Queenie was written to be a sort of bombshell, I think she took some of her manneurisms from Marilyn Monroe’s persona honestly.but she elaborated on that by saying that she wanted Queenie to be a quiet warrior. yes she was more soft spoken and shy, but Allison wanted girls to know that if that’s how their personalities were, it didn’t make them weak. you can be more quiet and still fight for what you believe in, which is exactly what I was trying to explain in my last post; Although, things probably got a little lost in translation. 

Now, to get to the whole reason of this post. Where have my videos been? well as you guys can tell, I haven’t been posting them. there are some extenuating circumstances for that. But I feel bad because YouTube is something I genuinely want to make a career out of. There are so many ideas running around in my brain and it is frustrating that I haven’t been able to bring the idea to fruition. due to my current living situation though that is not feasible. But why have I let that stop me for special long? So, there will be one more video going up onto my YouTube channel and then I will start uploading on my Facebook page. I am not done with my YouTube channel, so it is more of a To be continued Hiatus. the upload schedule is going to be more tentative, I don’t know if i’m going to be uploading every day or less frequently. but I should figure that out by the time I upload. I just don’t feel right uploading on a channel when everything is not how I want it to be location wise. The topics that I will be discussing on these videos will be random, I have a lot to talk about in my day to day. The production value will be crap, just me talking on my phone or webcam or something. But it means i’m putting out content and that’s all i care about.Now, what am I gonna do about this blog? i’m sure you aren’t asking that but I am answering it anyway. I hope to start blogging at least once a week, I need to get back to writing as well. (I have many passions okay don’t judge me…) I hope you guys stay with me through all this. I promise once i get back on my channel things will be completely different and I will be ready to upload properly and with a background I enjoy. Sorry this post got so long.

Thanks for reading! I will start uploading on Facebook Monday. I need a few days to get my bearings in order.

Get Ready for Jazzie!- alright that was cheesy even for me.



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