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Reviews, Prompts and Updates, Oh My!

Today I do my first weekly post, now if only I had enough time to post an actual video.


Hello Sweeties! I’m actually posting within a month of my last blog post, this is uncalled for in the world of Jazzie. I’ve been working non- stop lately. But hey, i’m not gonna complain about some well needed extra hours am I? So, I have had a very eventful couple of days and i’ve been hit by some serious inspiration, i’m doing a bunch of stuff on my blog from here on out. I don’t want this blog just to be one note, I have so many things that fascinate and interest me. I write, read a lot( also am now reading at least one book a week because I have downloaded Kindle Unlimited). Yes, i thought it would be the last thing I would be investing in. There is something about physically flipping pages with all of the paper cuts that come with it that make a girl feel alive. Yet here we are, reading maybe 3 books a week if I am obsessing. it’s a nice way to get back in to reading. kind of like meeting up with an old friend that you used to stay up with all night and daydream with. it’s a wonderful feeling, also its cheaper, with less of the storage space. well, besides all that I am also fascinated with comic books cooking, the 1950s, old movies, plus more. So since its a new week I have decided to start off with one thing that i’m into, writing prompts. every two weeks I intend to write a new prompt. this is what it is for this week.

Prompt 1: 3/23/17

“A Sirens rite of passage is to choose a human to drown. Tell the story of a young siren approaching their rite of passage.”

So after the two weeks I am hoping to have this first prompt done so I can post it on here and get you lovely readers to maybe review it or something. (Idk though, i’m not the best with getting graded for things I do, my almost 3 years of Culinary will tell you that.) But I will try.

Reviews: Bookshop on the Corner. Written by Jenny Colgan

To give a quick run down of the story without giving away the whole thing, it was a story about Nina, a shy librarian who had a deep love for books and a deeper understanding of what a person needs to read at that precise moment in their lives. due to some unfortunate incidences she was losing her job. and decides to pack up everything and visit a small little town where her life takes a turn…for the better, worse? you’d have to read it to find out.

Because i’m not a horrible person who spoils the story for people who may potentially read or watch what i’m talking about i’ll keep it short sweet and to the point. her writing is enchanting, you can without a doubt tell that the author is a woman who enjoys books and is very knowledgeable about the different types. her descriptions are beautiful and make me feel as if i’m actually looking at what she is writing about, actually feeling what the characters are feeling. It is also the perfect amount of descriptive paragraphs and sentences that don’t defer me from the rest of the story and that is wonderful in itself. I never thought in my life I would have my book, that one that I can read over and over again and find something new every time. But I have. and I recommend that anyone who wants to read something absolutely mystifying and feel good to just give it a try.

Review 2: Logan

Logan, A little harder to not give spoilers for this one, so i’ll just give my thoughts on it and leave it at that. I felt so many emotions during this movie. I felt sad, happy, overjoyed, young, old, all at the same time. plus so much more. it was our first Rated R Wolverine movie and it showed. from the gruesome action, to the extensive Curse words. if it is truly an end to the franchise then i think it ended on a high note, kind of. also… side note, the young actress playing X-23 was phenomenal. if you see the movie, you will without a doubt see it too. so comic book fans, Hugh Jackman fans, Movie fans, come one and all to see my top 3 favorite movies of the year. but then again I haven’t see Beauty and The Beast yet.

Thanks for Reading! talk to you guys next week.

Xoxo Jazzie Gee

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