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What’s Ado About Doctor Who

Hey guys, big things are happening in the world of Doctor Who!

Well Hello There! i’m updating and it is not about how terrible I am at this blogging thing. I even got a handsome Peter Capaldi as my main picture, which is good. If you guys were away from either the internet or television yesterday, you would know that us Whovians have a new Doctor. Fourteenth Regeneration, Thirteenth Doctor. I realize that is confusing but Doctor Who is a big ball of weird Time-y Wimey…Stuff.(Yes, I realize that is not the actual quote but artistic licence people). Also, David Tennant said that, just so we are clear. Blink still gives me nightmares.

So, We have a new Doctor. Not just any Doctor, but a woman. It is the First time in its long run. counting Classic Who, and the more modern one of 2000. Fun fact, Doctor Who’s original air date was November 23,1963. actually playing eighty seconds after it was scheduled due to Kennedy’s assassination the day prior. The new Doctor’s name is Jodie Whittaker and you may know her as Beth Latimer from Broadchurch. But she’s not the only new changes of this beloved show. We also have a new producer, Chris Chibnall. He has worked on such shows like Broadchurch and Torchwood.(We should definitely bring that one back). Steven Moffat is also making his goodbyes after this season. and i’m sorry, ┬áthis is probably an unpopular opinion, but bye Felicia. he’s an amazing writer, but I have a deep dislike for him after how he ended Sherlock. also, what he did to the Ponds. especially what he did to River Song.

That is besides the point, i’m sure you didn’t come here to hear me talk crap about our infamous Doctor Who writer, but we also had Russel T. Davies, even Neil Gaiman wrote a couple episodes. Although, Russel T. Davies was pretty involved with Sherlock as well, so unfortunately, he had a hand in that disappointment. Anyway, moving on. I am sure you want my opinion of the new Doctor right now. Sorry, I get sidetracked. Honestly, I am a smidge conflicted. Part of me is super pumped that we finally get a woman as the doctor, park of me is worried. Not about the woman actor of course, but because I feel like one of the sole reasons they did it was because there was so much pressure on them to do so. that is my only negative thought on it. Besides that, i’m just worried. Like most people would be with so much change at once. I mostly want them to do right by this incredible character. I don’t want her main quality to be this sexpot. Which some writers do with certain women characters, although; have you seen Matt Smith? I trust them though, at least where Doctor Who is concerned, they haven’t disappointed me that much. I mean come on, The Doctor is still not a Ginger! regardless, i’ll be watching. so what do you guys think of all of it? Who do you think the companion is going to be? Are they going to follow a similar pattern with them like they have with others? We shall see.


Here She is! welcome to the team, Jodie Whittaker. Can’t wait to see what you do.

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