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Comic Conventions

Ciao Lovelies!

Hello Sweeties! How is your new year so far? Have you kept to your resolutions? Because I haven’t. I got sick last week and am still not feeling the best, so
I feel you. Sometimes things happen, but the glory about change is that you can do it whenever you want. That is the beautiful thing about being human. Now, who is ready to talk about Comic Conventions?

So, in one of my many YouTube/Facebook video binges I came upon this awesome video series about Hero makeovers from IGN. The whole premise of these videos is to turn an evertyday hero into a hero/villain that they love. it’s a short video series, I think they are only doing five videos, but it was great to see.they flew them out to LA and bought tickets for them to go to Stan Lee’s Comic Con, It brought me back. I have visited a few Comic cons in my day due to my dad. if you have been following my blog for a while, i posted videos and blogs about my few days in Toronto for FanExpoCanada. It was the first HUGEEEEE Con I went to in years, and unfortunately, wasn’t the best experience because of my first real intense panic attack with large crowds, I haven’t been to a con since. Not that I wouldn’t ever again, because Cons are amazing experience in themselves. I just hope that by the time I go again, i’ll be able to manage the anxiety better. Because i’m gonna be honest, Kieron was amazing and calmed me right down, but thats a lot of pressure to put on one person. especially when my panic attacks cause me to shut down and not be able to function real well. So, besides that experience, it also got me to reminisce about how wonderful Cons Can be and were for me when I was younger.

Ever heard of San Diego Comic Con? the most amazing place where nerds and geeks of all types come together and talk about the things they love, whether that be Movies, Comics, TV shows, Anime, Video games,’s become more movie focused as of late, at least it had been when I went, goodness, five years ago. Which made the con much more crowded and artist’s alley became smaller to make up for the difference, which was disappointing because that’s what I loved the most about that Con. but that’s a rant for another day. I remember when I met Adam Hughes, the most amazing pin-up artist that I was in love with at the time. He and Stephane Laroux were what inspired me to make my first really involved cosplay, Zatanna Zatarra, the mistress of magic and backwards talker extraordinaire. I met him, and I made a fool of myself. stuttering, thanking him profusely for inspiring me, probably made the guy super uncomfortable. but I idolized him at the time. I’d probably stay more calm and collected now. Because you know, i’m more grown up, more responsible, completely aware that he’s just a regular guy who makes awesome art.

But Yeah, probably not.

Overall, cons are beautiful things and I remember how amazing it was to make a costume, take pictures of people who had the same idea for a costume as you. meet the artists and writers I loved and who I knew from having them visit the store, talk to people who were interested in the same things, and overall having this amazing community of people who were like family, which one of the girls talked about on Hero makeovers when she went for the first time. I miss it, all of it. crowds or no. It would just be incredible to have that experience again. but sadly, I can’t sew to save my life nd I sure as hell can’t get those con tickets. Which I have tried, every single year since the last time I went. who knows, maybe someday I will be there again. maybe even with my future Comic book store. It would be cool to have my own booth and sell comics there. big dreams, but dreams worth believing in and putting out into the universe.

Thanks for Reading!