Coming to America.

Hello guys and dolls! It is Monday as i write this and Kieron and I are on the way home. This trip has gone by way too fast and I am regretting bringing as much as I did. My back is killing me! So today we have a 4 hour bus and then a 5 hour plane ride. Not getting home until 10. It was a pretty awesome trip though, besides some little bumps in the road. Kieron has been pretty amazing. Tips for those couples out there. Go on a trip together, you learn so many new things about the other person. Some bad, some good, Mostly good though.

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Day 2 and 3 of FanExpo

Hey guys! So our trip to canada is quickly coming to an end. I know I promised to blog every day but unfortunately yesterday was pretty uneventful. So i had a really valid excuse this time! I saw jay and silent bob get old though. That was awesome, Got a few pictures of cosplayers, bought some things, nothing too exciting.Today was a little bit better but we have been getting later starts, so we havent seen any panels. Struggling with Jet lag perhaps?

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FanExpo 2016! Day 1

Hello lovelies! Jazzie here and i am posting this at 12:00 at night. But its still 10ish while im writing this for all you California folk so technically I stayed with my blogging every day rule. Day 1 was pretty amazing for my first Con in three years. I would have gone to a con earlier but SOMEONE has prevented me from doing so because he’s a stupid jerkface, Moving right along. I didnt blog as much as i would have liked, but as we speak I am editing it for your viewing pleasure. To start off we met this very nice streetcar driver who gave us all the ins and outs of Canada. Kensington Gardens is on my list of places to visit. He was the nicest driver we have met so far. Talked to us for a good 20 minutes while he took us to College st. Heres a shoutout for you amazing people! It has to be hard to stay sweet when annoying people bother you all day, trust me I get it.

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Air Bnb sweet home.

 Two posts in one day? I’m on a roll already. So we have gotten into canada after a truly heinous flight, sprinkled with a rough cab ride, adding the cherry on top with a three hour Greyhound ride and a disgusting bathroom(the squat is real ladies).  So far, Canadians arent especially nice and I am so over traveling in buses or airplanes and it has Just been one day. That’s gonna be a bitch and a half to do again after the trip is over. Send help! As for Toronto, the buildings are stunning. It is almost like New York City. Escept for the whole mixture of old and new architecture they do. I’ll do a post on that when im not looking at four walls. Our first day in Canada has consisted of getting turned around in Subways and not having anything go our way. The Jet Lag is real, and I am so hungry. It’s 9:00 over here and getting food would be nice. But the boyfriend is sleepy so thats not happening, and come to think of it Im kind of sleepy too. But hey, I may lose 20 pounds just from stress on this strip.

 As for us,  we have slept our entire day away. Wonderful place though, low on money? AirBnbs are where it is at. We sleep in a room   inside a house. So thats nice, these houses are incredible. 

One day i would love to settle down in a place like these. 

 I know guys, it is gonna get better. And im grasping at straws trying to find the positives.  But so far, this trip has been less than perfect. Havent even scratched the surface with things I wanted to do, and we had a day off before the con. but we have the rest of this trip to turn it around! Wouldent want to experience it with anyone else, his patience has been incredible. Talk to you soon! Back to sleep for me.